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What is a Confidence Coaching Retreat?

If you are heading to Cannon Beach, why not join us for a personalized confidence coaching retreat? Experience your carefully curated day that will incorporate a variety of modalities each designed to ignite your confidence in different aspects of your life. Your transformation coaches will be your guides helping you connect to your inner knowing, and providing support and accountability through each of the activities. Your confidence will then be expressed outwardly through pampering and captured in professional photos as a remembrance of your experience.

your Transformation Coaches

Denise Donohue

Certified Health & Life Coach

Utilizing over twenty-five years of experience in counseling, Denise specializes in helping women achieve confidence, get healthy, and extinguish negative self-talk. Her passion is helping women see their worth, eliminating people-pleasing behaviors, and teaching them how to start pleasing themselves.

five star rating

Heidi Clark

Certified Health & Life Coach

Heidi's passion is in empowering women to take charge of their lives by helping them develop confidence in their inner knowing. She supports them in identifying and healing old wounds, reconnecting to themselves, and creating a life they love from the inside out.

five star rating

Transformation Retreat Activities

Start your day

Silver Bullet Confidence Coaching

You will spend the morning enjoying a delicious, healthy breakfast and champagne while getting to know your transformation coaches. During this time you will uncover the challenges that hold back your spark and begin your journey to the ultimate transformation.

Breath work and Guided Meditation

Mindfulness and Mediation

After breakfast, we will head to the beach. With the breathtaking Haystack Rock as our backdrop, we will guide you through mindfulness and breath work practice.


Optimizing your Health

You'll head to a local favorite watering hole, to enjoy lunch with your coaches and experience some amazing tips and tricks for better digestion, optimizing your metabolism, and overall physical health.

Shopping Spree

Personalized Shopping Spree

A personalized shopping spree is next on the agenda. Your coaches will assist you in finding that perfect outfit from local boutiques that incorporates your style and complements your body. Your coaches will share tips and tricks to regain confidence and ignite the spark inside of you.

Salon Maker

Some pampering and VIP Treatment

Greeted with healthy snacks and champagne, you will spend your afternoon receiving VIP treatment at Cannon Beach Salon. Hair, make-up, and complete pampering are what you deserve, and we deliver.

Photo Shoot

Capture your Confidence

Finish your retreat in the hands of a professional photographer. A private photoshoot will capture the essence of your retreat and the new, confident you!

But, wait! Don't head home, gorgeous! Dinner will be arranged for you on us!

your Private retreat package

Transformational Coaching Throughout the Day

Valued @ $2000.00

Health and Wellness Coaching

Valued @ $400.00

Mindfulness and Breathwork Experience

Valued @$100.00

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Valued @$200.00

Personalized Shopping Experience

Valued @$300.00

Hair and Makeup Makeover

Valued @ $300.00

Professional Photo Shoot

Valued @$250.00

A Bottle of Wine per Couple

Valued @ $50.00

Swag Bag Filled with Freebies

Valued @ $100.00

Ignite Blueprint for Continued Success

Valued @50.00

Discounts and Vouchers Towards Health and Life Coaching Programs

Valued @$600.00

Total Value: $4350.00

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Your Price

One Gorgeous Babe $2800.00

A Couple of Besties $2400.00

Magnificent Trio $2200.00

Four or more beauties $2000.00

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